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Read more Article Julie Holmquist Bill and Kim dismissed various "nudges" to consider adoption until one Sunday when their pastor mentioned an event called Wait No More, an event for anyone exploring adoption from foster care.Read more Article Kimberly Wagner and Le Roy Wagner Le Roy and Kimberly Wagner have suggestions for husbands or wives who attempt to control their spouse.There are numerous statistics, studies, and facts about cohabiting couples.

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They're interested in your ability to earn and learn.

Don't try to buy her off or manipulate her attention or affection, and don't treat a woman that you've just met as if she's the one that you'll marry. Women, you have to know that that premature expression of affection can send a man running for the hills.

The decision to cohabit with your significant other depends upon you both as a couple.

It is not a good idea to ignore several patterns and problems with the concept first. Are you uncertain about the relationship and want to make a more informed decision? Keep in mind that couples who live together seem to have the most successful outcomes when they have already made a clear commitment to each other.

Keep your options open, but don't be desperate – date only those prospects with whom you see a potential click. Be Wise Online If you opt for dot-com dating, proceed cautiously.