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Women are in charge and we ultimately set the tone for the kind of relationship we are going to be in, so don’t ruin a good thing by acting crazy. Also, I like how Amy gives tips on building a lasting friendship and relationship, not the end-all be-all wedding that many girls rush into because they think it is the right thing to do.

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Amy advises to take out the list from time to time as a guide whenever you are dating someone new.

Later in the book, Amy informs us how your list may change or need to be revised after dating someone or your expectations may have to change.

I have to say after dating several younger guys, it is easy to text and have a relationship built on texting, when a guy should be calling you to hear your voice and get to know you better and figure out when he can get to see you.

I have turned into a guy in the last few years by answering calls with texts.

Amy reminds us of what sets the daters from the non-daters – not money, looks, fame, personality, but how YOU behave.