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It’s tough to describe yourself in so few words, but keep things candid and positive.

If it’s something you’re comfortable with, say that you have ADHD, and even add a few of the good personality traits it brings out in you.

Each site comes with its own rules, and fees, so make life simple and choose the one that most closely aligns with your priorities.

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That sort of disappointment is the worst way to begin a date!

Not to mention, this person will be wondering what else you’ve fibbed about for the rest of the night.4.

In the meantime, just tell me the movie starts at instead of . I’m still figuring out this whole “organization” thing.

Honestly, I get better every year: I now make my bed every morning and fold about 70 percent of my clothes.

The people who are on the site are there for a reason, and you can skip over the nonsense to find someone you really connect with.