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“The long term savings associated with their use [synthetics] and extended oil drain intervals will ultimately save the State money and help reduce the State’s dependence on petroleum.” [24] “The California Department of General Services (DGS), in conjunction with the State Mobile Equipment Council, will recommend changes to the State preventative maintenance policy and incorporate extended oil change intervals—thus decreasing the petroleum consumption in the State fleet.

This is a cost savings solution.” [25] California State Management Memo MM 12-06 acknowledges that synthetic motor oil and lubricants can help reduce the fleet’s petroleum consumption and protect the environment.

Numerous automakers now allow intervals of 10,000 miles or more and a few full synthetic motor oil products are guaranteed for 15,000 to 25,000 mile intervals.

The State of California has long recognized the economic benefits, as well as the performance and environmental benefits of synthetic lubricants (longer useful life and increased fuel efficiency) and by extension even greater benefits from biosynthetic lubricants.

“Fleet managers can further extend oil change intervals by using higher quality oil and by using oil analysis.

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