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thought you understand the flaws of this film, you still get aesthetic pleasure on some basic, unspoiled by good taste and good movies level.I like this film because it proves that good film can be made in any genre. otherwise, if you expect an independent film about love, you should watch something else.It's certainly not the commercialized absurdity that you'll find late night on certain premium channels.

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actors are beautiful , setting is beautiful, sex scenes are beautiful.

Very sensual, but making-love-in-the-light-of-a-setting-sun-on-the-beach kinda way. however the funny thing is that you will enjoy the film nevertheless and not only because of sex, but somehow this film is appealing.

Third, Rio is a truly beautiful setting for sin, and the movie depicts it's partying attitude in spades (almost too much).

And finally, this movie doesn't lie about it's intentions.

First, it was highly controversial (for a reason or two).