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To give you an idea how slow this is: Vimeo and Youtube's NON-HD (VGA) MP4 Flash videos barely play in real time (sometimes you'll have to wait for the VGA video to completely buffer before you get real time), while 720p HD Flash video is unusable (~1 fps).

Playing back 720p h.264 videos via a media player also yields a bad performance, and one has to use a super-optimized codec, like Core AVC's, to get away with it (and even then it's barely real time).

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Overall, this laptop came the closest to be "the" replacement I was looking for my G4, or for a casual laptop usage, but the low CPU performance and lack of Bluetooth spoiled the recipe.

Good performance for h.264 720p video playback (with Flash and without) is a must-have for me, so this made the deal a sticky point.

Nothing seemed to strike the perfect balance of "small, but not too small" though.

Handling this model of the successful Aspire One series, at last it brings a feeling of fulfillment., home to cheap laptops and discounted netbooks sent us over the Acer Aspire One AO751h for a review.