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He is also knows about my new workplace," she added.Ankita reported the matter to the social media giant after which the account was deactivated.

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Instead, she was being taken, at least three times, to Alas-Gomez’s house.

She described car rides in which she was groped and being afraid of the teens because they would “get angry a lot,” yell at her and at least once pulled her hair, police said.

A 14-minute video floating around Del Sol High School that triggered a police investigation is graphic: While a girl is being sexually assaulted, one teen is seen laughing as another plays a video game.

In a separate attack on the same victim, Leby Alas-Gomez, 39, the father of one of the teens participating in the acts, enters the room while they’re assaulting her, tells them to “keep going” and then joins in, according to a Metro Police arrest report.

The person was sending unwanted bouquets of flowers to her home with cryptic messages, making the woman afraid, and it was considered a cyberstalking case because they were ordered over the internet.