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Considering a Bentley Arnage T, a Maserati Gran Turismo S (when the new one arrives and then depreciates) or a F360.

Well, it’s too damn noisy for long distance travel.

Gorgeous car that needed a lot of work (uh, Guy, the seat’s just come loose). Phenomenal car: smooth, quiet, powerful, graceful, comfortable, understated, elegant, burbalicious.

” I drove the snot out of that car and never, ever had a “moment.” I could do epic, ungodly things with the C4. Jaguar XK1200 – Decided to have one built from the ground up by Guy Broad, using a 4.2-liter six and a breakaway steering column. BMW M5 – Separated me from the family hauler, I had to get something more kiddie friendly. My internet career started very badly indeed when I revealed (on that I didn’t know the difference between an S4 and a RS4.

I remember saying on the test drive, “Why the Hell did I ever buy a Ferrari? Turns out the bastards sold me a crashed car, though.