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That would be great, it would be like a treasure hunt.'Soon after she sent an excited email saying: 'That’s so funny - X marks the spot!

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After browsing just a few pages only I saw thins like seeing the same profile picture on different profiles with different names and locations. I also noticed the exact same profile description matched other profiles word for word. It said it was new but the posts were several years old.

Yet when you upload your own picture they say they will post it after verification. Then on the very bottom I noticed something inconspicuous.

I’ve decided that as I can make my own decisions, buy furniture and put it together [as long as it doesn’t have doors] and financially support myself, I have no need for a man at all - except physically. (I bet you have no idea what to say to that).'The man replied: 'I’m sure the tan line on your breasts will be fine.

It began after the woman sent an email on June 17 last year saying: 'I am now up and heading out. I assume you used my advice and wore the blue plasters over your nipples and that is your tan line.

The better sites use geolocation and name/address verification. Geolocation is a feature that allows the website to find out in which country and city the subscribers are by IP number or other method.