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Perhaps Avid Life made that statement to appease the PCI folks, but certainly card data is the last thing Ashley Madison members are worried about right now.

Those of us who live in technology often forget just how foreign it can be to those who don’t.

Now I am looking to confirm what I believe to be true so I can do damage control when the inevitable takes place.

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Discovering it via Tor or downloading the torrent isn’t particularly hard, but actually parsing the files and combing through the personal data spread across multiple tables is no simple task.

For your average person, setting out to try and do this poses another risk altogether.

I’ve seen multiple sites purporting to offer the Ashley Madison breach which just require you to install this one little executable in order to view it.

In some cases, people genuinely didn’t know what email address they’d used.

I mean hundreds of emails every day with people asking questions about the data.