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Now she's screwed, because she fell in love with the untouchable princess of the mob."Tell me you love me," Hermione slurred, an air of inebriated confidence shining through her words as she courageously stepped towards her. Though Quinn has one thing that keeps her going despite her world crumbling around her; Rachel. "-Yo haré que vuelvas a creer en el amor" Faberry, con un poco de Brittana y... Ustedes deciden el ultimo x D"A bushy-haired Gryffindor girl was staring at her silently from amidst the noise, but her gaze was not filled with hatred. She had never seen anything like this in her life, except with a Veela and its mate. Well, it was until Santana proposed a bet involving the gorgeous new English teacher, Miss Fabray. PWhen JJ discovers that Emily is a lesbian, her reaction is a surprise to both of them. I've tweaked some chapters so there's more smut & flow in it.

"Tell me that you have always wanted me," she whispered, her hand driveling down her blouse. Bueno, una vez advertidos, dejenme contarles un poco de que va esto: Quinn es una galardonada estrella de Hollywood y Rachel una corredora automovilística de F1 y motocross. bueno siempre existen factores que unen los polos opuestos, y en este caso el amor sera el catalizador... PWhen Quinn isn't the only pregnant 16 year old in New Directions the whole group's lives are going to change. "ON HIATUS Rachel Berry had never been known for crazy parties, but then again she wasn't known for kissing girls either. AU (sort of) - Finchel never happened, Quinn likes Rachel but Rachel doesn't know. And when the two are asked to go undercover as a lesbian couple, will the experience ruin their friendship or drive them closer together than either ever could have dreamed? Just a one shot I wrote based on a GKM prompt to get Faberry out of my head. Has side Brittana and an implied Pinn/Brittana hook up after as well.

Depending on reviews and the muse this might be a short one. Mature for language (it is Santana after all) and future chapters of sweet lady kisses. She was born to be the perfect wife and mother, but she runs away from her destiny with Rachel, the cursed girl. When asked what happened, they have the same answer: "I don't remember". Última Misión: Robar el Ridgewood Bank."Charlie and Quinn are twins. A doomed love triangle." Inspiration taken from Otdl8's Fa Fa Berry - Wonderwall video on youtube, all credit goes to her. The Assignment in 'Props' means Quinn and Rachel swap lives with Brittany and Santana. Pairings will vary and will be listed in the authors notes at the beginning of the chapter. Quinn is a princess looking for the love of her life. ON HIATUS."Tomorrow we are getting a transfer from New York in the squad. The first one is that she is in love with Rachel since the beginning of high school.

Thanks When Rachel finds herself slushied for a record breaking third time in a single day, she finds herself in the locker room and out of clean clothes. I really suck at summary (: please read and review! 10 years later, the haze of forgetfulness dissipates. He instantly takes a liking to Rachel and to her friend Quinn. To cut costs both girls pick a friend who can also live with them. She needs to feed on human blood to survive and for centuries it was never a big problem. why she can't drain the life of this little brunette? Competing to win the competition and dealing with more serious issues, the four girls bond over the strange situation. If you have an idea for a one shot or a story please PM me. Will they find their happy endings when they find each other? Day 1 of Faberry week: Fairy Tales, crossover Rachel decides she has been so caught up in 'male lead' boyfriends that she has never tried to experiment with anything else. Let's hope that she has more grace than you fat baby elephants." AU Faberry - Rachel joins the cherrios and Quin can't help but fall for her. Faberry Marriage, They relocated for Rachel's job, Quinn's unhappy, makes a mistake, owns up to Rachel, and feels awful for it cue Quinn making it up to her by catering to anything Rachel could want or need. And her second secret is the reason she never did anything about it. PQuinn Fabray is pressured by her family's expectations and stuck in a relationship with Brittany Pierce.

Quinn Fabray, es el prototipo de chica perfecta en la ciudad de Lima, Ohio, pero conocerá a una hermosa Skater que cambiara todos sus esquemas, que pasara con ellas? Historia narrada desde el punto de vista de Quinn Quinn Fabray, Brooke Davis, and Caroline Forbes are the head bitches in charge at Mc Kinley high. through the eyes (and maybe ears) of their three closest but very nosy friends. Quinn puts her quest to find herself on hold in order to figure out the suddenly more mysterious Rachel Berry. So who protects Rachel when the Latina goes too far? She goes to NYC on a whim and tries to see what she can find. Unfortunately, the spell was mispronounced and instead of shrinking, it causes Quinn to grow a sizable g! Mortified, she flees the hallway and locks herself in the locker room. It is a hot, sticky summer when Quinn Fabray, Rachel's ex, decides to tag-along with Noah on his visit to the Berries. Rachel/Quinn, Brittany/Santana, other less important Glee pairings will appear throughout as well.