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"I have a board meeting in ten minutes." I rose up from the couch. The other two would be regular female girls, albeit much taller and stronger than the average girl. I entered one of the yuppiest apartments I've ever seen. I had a beer in my hand and a warm feeling in my gut. With her long shapely legs and tremendous jugs she looked like a commercial for Jessica Rabbit. "Hi Ian, glad you made it on time." I raised my head, if she didn't care, why should I care?

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Each time she moved, her smell came to my nostrils. Underneath she had a white blouse with a low neckline. She had a purple rose tattooed between the fellow mounds. I raised my eyes in alarm and, holy crap, she caught me.

"One, flat." "Ok." ** I was fuming when I reached her office. It only emphasized just how much taller than me she was. An introduction conversation sort of thing." "Oh, I was on the east coast. Wow, it sure is hot in here." She took off her jacket. If you don't mind, this raises an issue which I would like to discuss." "Go ahead." "Well, Chin, before he left, promised I'd get a 20 percent raise by July.

We can sit there and also grab something to bite." Ok, that sounded less suspicious. "Fine by me." "Great, I'm looking forward to seeing you. You know, this can be an excellent opportunity for you if you play your cards right." Chapter 2 I was more at ease that night when I stood by her door, a penthouse in one of the richest parts of town. We quarreled because of it so I've told her everything that happened in the office, leaving out the embarrassing details.

" "There's a nice quiet place on my street called Marsha's.

"Sure, I do it all the time, I'm a workaholic." "But in your own house?