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So with that gig at the forefront of my mind I got on with the chat!

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I've played a lot of festivals throughout the world and this (Rebellion) along with Reading and Leeds are some of the only festivals I've been to where it's not in your fucking face - it might have beers sponsoring it but there aren't going to be billboards for it.

I've spoke to a lot of people, and it's like "actually, Reading and Leeds isn't fucked up - they're not corporate assholes drilling it in your face, there's not a discussion of just "corporate bands" playing; what it comes down to is that they give chance for other bands to play - I mean, I can't think of many other festivals other than Rebellion that would actually put my band on at a festival, with my political views and whatnot.

Acoustic gigs in themselves are an oddity - on paper they work easier than a full band show; especially if you are the only musician onstage - no clashing egos, no worries about being drowned out and no worries about working out a full band arrangement - and yet the difference between a good and great acoustic show is vast, and is the difference between becoming a background noise for whoever is in the vicinity to everybody being focused on the performer onstage.