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For those users who are signed on and have stated a date preference, they will see all dates in their preferred format, but those who are not signed in (which is a majority of those who are reading the articles and not editing), and those who haven't set their date preference, will see the date from this template in the North American format.

I think we should have an alternative, perhaps having an optional 4th parm that has the format MDY, DMY or even YMD.

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This is a very nice & useful template, but it displays as "Month day, year".

Perhaps those in the know could program a "day month year" alternative version for those articles that use that format?

—Angr , 22 November 2006 (UTC) I have no preference between British d/m or U. We could easily create a variant like or that uses year/day/month, but how many people actually would use it?

It's only when the year comes last (4/5/1980) or is omitted (4/5) that there's any ambiguity. And if the year goes first, I don't know of anyone who'd want to put the day next.

Marco , 29 December 2006 (UTC)I hope that no one will be too offended, but I think that using anything other than the current format, which is the REAL international standard (ISO 8601), is foolish.