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There are my personal favorites: Cisco Tele Presence: Remember the TV show 24? Unfortunately, when Microsoft "upgraded" Net Meeting to Windows Meeting Space with Vista, they also broke its compatibility with Ekiga and other third-party programs.

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Google Talk: Google makes a thing a wee bit confusing when it comes to their communications offerings.

Besides Google Voice, which is a personal private-branch exchange (PBX) when you get down to brass tacks, there's Google Chat, which is Google's IM service, and Google Talk, which is its Vo IP and video service.

As Gewirtz also wrote, you can also use Google Voice on your i Phone and other mobile phones.

OK, say you don't want to go that far; there are other excellent free alternatives from Google.

But, how many of them are going to stick with it when Microsoft, Skype's owner, sticks ads in your face?