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Gareth suffered 2 major heart attacks whilst in Suffolk during the half term break and died early evening on Sunday 23rd October.

Gareth was very highly respected and well regarded in the education world.

In a speech at the Association of Colleges Ofsted conference, Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman has argued that forcing teenagers to resit GCSEs when they do not achieve high enough grades in English and Maths is causing "significant problems".

The Education Policy Institute (EPI) think-tank says England’s state schools will all suffer real-terms cuts to funding per-pupil over the next three years - with secondary schools having to lose six teachers on average while primaries each face losing two members of teaching staff.

Official figures show that 1,283 schools across England have not received a full Ofsted inspection in seven years as, under the Government’s inspection framework, schools considered “outstanding" have exam results, attendance and financial reports monitored instead.