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Complaints in which probable cause has been found are available by clicking on .

You may also submit a public records request for a complete list of complaints against a licensed community association manager.

The Opinion, which has the same force as any order of the Court, identifies a number of activities within the field of community association management which constitute the practice of law. The Council encourages all CAMs licensees to carefully read the Supreme Court opinion and consult with their legal advisors to obtain legal advice that is specific to their individual facts and circumstances.

The Council has no statutory authority to issue any opinion, comments, or guidance regarding the Opinion, including inter-relations between the Opinion and Florida Statutes relating to the practice of community association management.

The first Lake Cam was installed in July 2004 to provide a high-tech birds-eye view of five young osprey who were brought to a hack tower at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp in hopes they would return to Clear Lake as a nesting ground.