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Over a period of 40 years our company KITCHEN XPRESS OVERSEAS LTD has expanded Globally.We have strengthened our Position in Local Market and we have also shaped ourselves into a Major Player in the International Market.

We take personal interest in monitoring every stage of the production process such as procurement and inspection, lab analysis and quality control, packaging and loading of goods.

Due to this expertise we have a better understanding of the products we sell and therefore a better understanding of how best to serve our clients.

Gujarat is famous for its spices and major grocery items, which provides us an edge over our competitors in terms of quality and prices.

Our procurement and quality control departments work hand in hand to ensure that only the best raw material is purchased.

We are an ISO 22005, Organic (NPOP Organic & NOP Organic) and Halal Certified company. We seek continuous feedback regarding our products from our customers and make improvements/modifications where ever required.