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Huq stabbed Kelley to death in Kelley¿s Hamilton home in 1989 and then fled to his native country of Bangladesh for more than 20 years Kelley's body was found by his girlfriend, Christine Mutzfeld, who had been in a previous relationship with Huq.

Court documents said cigarette butts at the murder scene indicated Huq waited for Kelley outside Kelley's home.'I think for a case that’s 25 years old, we feel okay about him getting 40 years,' said Shannon Kelley, sister to Todd, their father.

In addition to on-site counseling tailored to each girl’s individual needs, they will also receive vocational training so each girl will have a marketable skill to support herself with when she leaves.

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Her father had died recently and her mother was a housewife.

Suddenly, her mother took ill and she was diagnosed with cancer.

She ended up in Bangalore in a brothel instead of a hotel job as promised.

Visit this page to read a letter from Shawn Boonstra about this new rehabilitation home.

Salma’s keepers periodically moved her and the other trafficked girls to new locations to avoid detection from authorities.