Animated sexchat bot

Once you say the keyword for a third-party action, you’ll start talking to that company’s bot instead of Google’s.Making a decent conversational bot is hard, so Google is suggesting services like its own API.It also needs to enable more complicated actions like buying and booking stuff.

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The actions will let you ask the speaker a question and then have a chat about it — the example Google gave in October was ordering an Uber, then clarifying you want an Uber XL.

That whole conversation actually be with the Google assistant, though.

“It's not a direct analog to any existing ecosystem,” says Jason Douglas, director for actions on Google.

There will be app store-like policies in place to prevent things like keyword camping — one developer using another company’s name for their action or another developer trying to jump on owning important keywords like “shopping.” Douglas says that “this is a large reason for there being a review process.

Direct actions — things that don’t require a conversation, such as turning on your lights or playing a song — still require a partnership with Google.