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I love meeting new and like minded I am 5´4" tall, slender build, blonde hair and green eyes.I prefer the company of younger women as I don´t look or act my age! Love the outdoors infact I hate being inside full stop maybe in winter when is raining and frosty would be the only time !

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I´m interested in heaps of things, generally trying to take stock of the world around me, and doing my best to enjoy as many things as I can, which requires an open and curious mind.

I´m not particularly materialistic, but I´m in the fortunate position to Basically I love life and I love living life.

I'm more of a brekky out than dinner Ah gee I'm pretty shocking at talking about myself but here goes.. I'm funny (would like to think I'm kinda smart) short and blonde and love dogs.

I like a quite movie and some I always find this awkward, trying to put myself into words.

I'm not afraid So, we've moved to Hobart (from Melbourne) and are on the market for new friends.