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    All of the psychological studies show you do tend to marry someone of the same socioeconomic background, same general level of intelligence, same level of attractiveness, and same religious and social values, because that’s largely who you know. If you marry in college, you’re going to meet people just like you. You are naturally drawn to someone from the same ethnic and socioeconomic background, with the same reproductive goals, but you can walk into a room and everybody has those. Certain personality types are attracted to each other. Maybe some of these white men with Asian fetishes, the cutest girl in the third grade was Asian and she was sweet and charming and they think all Asians are that way. After you get through the kids, there’s the parents. We expect our parents to live alone and after their partner dies, start to court and have sex and use Viagra. But that’s a real issue between many couples of different cultures. One of the big issues in their relationship is a draft.

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    (Speaking of models, would you rather date someone who looked great in photos but bad in person, or the other way around?

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    More » With just over seven million unique monthly users, e Harmony is the largest dating site focused exclusively on heterosexual, long-term partnerships that (hopefully) lead to marriage.